Thinking of transitioning your dog to a mixed feeding plan? That's great! When you introduce your dog to a new food, it's recommended that you avoid making drastic changes all at once. Instead, you should phase in your dog slowly. Like people, dogs need a little time to adjust to change. But, the makers of PEDIGREE® make the transition easy.

When should I start?
Balanced nutrition is very important in your dog's overall health and well being from day one.

However, if your dog has been eating strictly dry food until now, we've outlined a suggested transition strategy to help aid in a smooth introduction of wet food.

Making the transition
When transitioning your dog from dry to mixed feeding, gradually replace the amount of dry food that you feed with wet food.  You should do this over the course of several days, gradually increasing the proportion of wet food.  Make sure that the transitioned ratio of dry to wet that you achieve matches the mixed feeding guideline printed on the packaging.

Feeding tips
Mixed feeding doesn't necessarily mean you have to serve wet food and dry food all in the same bowl. As long as you incorporate both wet and dry food into your dog's overall daily diet, you're providing it with the benefits of both.

A few ways you can establish a schedule is to serve your dog dry food in the morning and wet food at night, OR use wet food as a topper for dry food. Serving wet food on top of dry food can be helpful in encouraging your dog to eat its entire bowl. However, it's important to follow the feeding guidelines on the package very carefully.

Helpful products
The makers of PEDIGREE® offer a wide range of complete and balanced wet and dry food products for dogs of all ages, life-stages and sizes to help them get the proper nutrients they need and the delicious taste they love!