Waltham Petcare Science Institute: Waltham scientists work in partnership with the pets at the Waltham Petcare Science Institute, where fundamental pet-focussed research supporting PEDIGREE® delivers scientific breakthroughs in the areas of pet nutrition, health, well-being and behaviour.

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All PEDIGREE® dry and wet complete main meal food is 100% nutritionally complete and balanced.

“To be complete and balanced, pet foods must contain all the essential nutrients required by the animal they are designed for, in the correct amounts for the life stage of the pet” – Waltham Petcare Science Institute

Our dry and wet foods are scientifically designed to provide the nutrients your dog needs, and in addition, contain ingredients to support:

  • Oral Care & Healthy bones: our recipes contain the optimal level of calcium and phosphorus to support healthy bones and our dry food has an added active ingredient on the kibbles that helps to prevent the build-up of tartar.
  • Digestion: our recipes contain natural fibres that help with healthy digestion, and high quality protein that is gentle on your dog’s stomach
  • Skin & coat: our recipes are specially formulated with oils such as sunflower oil that help nourish your dog’s skin and coat
  • Immune system: our recipes contain vitamin E, an antioxidant, and minerals that are key to help in supporting a strong immune system

PEDIGREE® Wet food is 100% complete and balanced, and is available in both cans and pouches. It might surprise you that our wet foods contain approximately four times less calories per gram than the average dry food, and so can help maintain a healthy bodyweight for your dog by preventing over-feeding. They also contain more moisture than dry food which is good for urinary tract health. Click here to find out more

PEDIGREE® VITALITY+ Dry food is 100% complete and balanced, and has been scientifically designed to help protect your dog’s dental health, skin & coat, digestive system and immunity - the 4 most common health problems that vets see in dogs today. It is made with no artificial flavours, has fibre to help support good digestive health and the individual 'kibbles' of food help to sustain good oral health. Click here to find out more

PEDIGREE® DENTASTIX™ are scientifically proven to help reduce tartar and plaque build-up when fed as part of a regular oral care regime. Click here to find out more

Approved Suppliers

All our raw materials are sourced from approved suppliers.

Highest Factory Standards

Our factories are independently inspected to the same standard as those used to produce human food.

Made Only by Us

Because we are proud of the quality of our dog food, we don’t make it for any other company.