What should I feed my dog

Learn more about the finding the right combination of wet and dry food, as well as oral care and treats for your dog.

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Research by the Waltham Petcare Science Institute, a leading global authority on pet care and nutrition, reveals that dogs gain the widest range of benefits through a diet of dry food, wet food, oral care and treats.

We recommend that feeding a mixture of 50% wet food and 50% dry food as a main meal diet which gives your dog different benefits, tastes and textures - making mealtimes even more enjoyable. Additional treats, table scraps and daily oral care products are not 100% complete, so should only make up around 10% of your dog’s daily calories to ensure healthy weight maintenance. Just as with human food, remember to count calories and adjust your dog's main meal food if/when treating.

Dog Foods

PEDIGREE® Complete & Balanced Dry Food

100% complete and balanced to help support your dog’s oral care, imunity, digestion and skin & coat.

PEDIGREE® Complete & Balanced Wet Food

100% complete and balanced wet food provides a really enjoyable meal for your dog and contains less calories per gram than dry food.


Treats are a fun way to bond with your dog, train them and generally look after their emotional wellbeing. PEDIGREE® Treats offer a responsible way to do this and have been designed to cover a range of occasions when you might like to treat your dog. Remember though that only 10% of your dog’s daily calories should come from treats and other foods that aren’t 100% complete & balanced.

Oral Care

Four dogs in five aged over 3 years old may suffer from a gum disease1 that could cause serious health problems. We don't want this to any dog. Regular follow-up to the vet and the daily brushings are essential. In addition to these measures, we have developed a way to help clean the teeth of your dog until the gum line while he chews. Make it a part of his routine of dental today.

1 American Veterinary Medical Association

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