When dog meets skunk

When dog meets skunk, there's nothing subtle about the encounter. Even before your pooch pops his head through the doggie door, your nose starts sending signals to your brain: "Oh, no!" your brain says. And then the questions begin: "How do I get the stink out of my dog? How do I get the smell out of my house? How long will the odor linger in the yard?" etc.

To help answer your brain's first question—and to help put your olfactory sense at ease-we think you'll find this information useful...

Getting rid of the PU

Your local pet specialty store should have commercial remedies that will help to substantially decrease the skunk odor.

However, if you're unable to get the store right away, try this homemade recipe:
  • Mix together 1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda and 1 teaspoon of dish-washing detergent.
  • Wash the areas that have been sprayed with the mixture, making sure you avoid your dog's eyes, ears, and mouth.
  • Rinse your dog thoroughly with water afterwards.
A few things to remember:

If you use this formula on your dog outside, it may kill some grass that gets wet. If your dog gets wet, the skunk smell may come back—though to a lesser degree.
  • This formula does not store well, so you'll need to make it "fresh" when your dog gets skunked. If you live in a "high skunk incidence area," keep the ingredients handy.
  • To remove smells inside your house, try boiling some white vinegar.
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